IDAHOBIT is the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism and Transphobia and it’s happening on May 17th.

It is a day of solidarity to stand with our LGBTIQ friends, family and colleagues, whilst also saying a big NO to gender and sexual discrimination.


As much as we want everyone to be accepting, unfortunately this isn't always the case. Queerphobia is still prevalent in today’s society, with 75% of LGBTIQ youth experiencing some form of discrimination*. This has resulted in detrimental impacts for the LGBTIQ community with 61% of LGBTIQ youth experiencing verbal abuse and 24.4% of LGB and 36.2% of Trans people experiencing depression*.

This highlights why IDAHOBIT is imperative as it is a day of collective and visible alliance, while celebrating the strength, diversity and resilience of the LGBTIQ community.

We at Football Victoria “Stand with our LGBTI mates” and you can learn more about the day at