Go Girls Gets Off to Flying Start

Football Victoria’s inaugural Go Girls Holiday Program proved a huge hit over the recent June and July school holiday period.

Clubs across the state hosted the all-girls programs which saw 163 aspiring players, 22 MiniRoos coaches and 42 referees educated in the finer points of their craft.

Led by top FV coaches and match officials, the all-day program taught participants the ins-and-outs of their chosen streams and allowed them to gain a qualification at the course’s conclusion. The streams were:

  • MiniRoos girls’ participation in a playful but intensive training camp in an all-girls environment;
  • Education and establishment of female referees, between the ages of 13 and 17; and
  • Education and establishment of female MiniRoos coaches, between the ages of 12 and 17.

FV’s Program Development Manager for Women and Girls, Andrea Swain, said the player, coach and referee combination worked very well, providing a perfect ecosystem for a well-rounded on-pitch experience.

“Student coaches were exposed to seven hours of coaching experience in a judgement free, all girls, nurturing environment,” Andrea said.

“They felt very comfortable at the end of the day with managing a team after seeing how even big groups can work well with the correct formula. Players had an extra coach for the day and plenty of attention on their skills.

“The referee participants also had a great female-only referee course with the opportunity to join the players and new coaches in the afternoon for a Mini World Cup, refereeing games in a calm environment mentored by our great staff,” Andrea said.

Football Victoria extends a warm thanks to all clubs who participated in the event. If your club would like to host the next Go Girls holiday program in September/October 2019 period, please express your interest by email to: andrea.swain@footballvictoria.com.au