Football Victoria celebrates $10 million Baranduda Fields development

Today’s announcement of $10 million from Minister for Sport, Senator Mckenzie, for the development of Baranduda Fields is a big win for the City of Wodonga and Victoria’s regional football community.

The funding will see the works across site and include upgraded facilities for a variety of sports including Football, Netball, Australian Rules Football as well as other fitness and recreational activities and will match the existing $10 million commitment from the City of Wodonga Council.

Football Victoria CEO Peter Filopoulos attended the announcement, along with several other sport and community leaders including,

  • Anna Speedie (Mayor of Wodonga)
  • Senator Bridget McKenzie (Minister for Regional Services, Sport, Local Government and Decentralisation - Deputy Leader of the Nationals)
  • Mark Byatt (National candidate for Indi)
  • Steve Martin (Liberal candidate for Indi)
  • Darren Yates (MU Chairman)
  • John O’Donohue (AFL)

Peter Filopoulos said that Baranduda Fields had been a focus of lobbying activity for more than ten years.

“I’m proud of the role Pedro Afonso, Murray United, and the Victorian Football family have played over many years in making today happen”, he said.

“It’s a terrific demonstration of what can be achieved when all levels of government, different sport codes, and representatives from the local community work together”, Mr Filopoulos said.

Mr Filopolous said Football Victoria was dedicated to partnering with Government and local councils to develop a pathway forward for all of our local clubs to ensure that everybody – no matter age, background, gender or ability, can be involved in the game they love.

For years Mark @Byatt4Indi and @The_Nationals have fought to get Baranduda Fields up. Today we joined @CrAnnaSpeedie to kick a major goal for #Wodonga & NE Vic. Our Govt put $10m into this visionary project. Such a great day for regional sport and Indi. #getactive #lovesport

— Senator Bridget McKenzie (@senbmckenzie) April 18, 2019