Congress Review Working Group Statement

Congress Review Working Group Report to FIFA Made Public.

7th August 2018, 12 Noon AEST – Australia: With permission from FIFA, the members of the FIFA and AFC mandated Australian Congress Review Working Group (CRWG), today made public the “Report of the Congress Review Working Group Australia for FIFA and AFC (Report)”

The publication of the Report was made in the interest of transparency and good governance and in order for the whole of the Australian Football Family to understand the consensus that had been reached on its behalf by the multi-stakeholder working group for the future governance of football in Australia.

The Report was submitted to FIFA and the AFC by the required deadline of July 31, and will now be presented to the FIFA Member Associations Committee at its next meeting on 20 August 2018.

At the time of the submission of the Report to FIFA and the AFC Judith Griggs, Chair of the CRWG said “I would like to thank all the members of the CRWG for their extremely hard work and constant engagement over the last seven weeks, since my appointment as Chair.  Their collaboration, vision, passion and dedication to football in Australia has led to this comprehensive report and its recommendations.

My sincere appreciation also, to all of the stakeholder groups: from professionals to amateurs; from officials to fans; from all levels of clubs, youth groups, indigenous programs and women’s groups; all dedicated knowledge, time and energy to this process.

Finally, my thanks to the professionals at FIFA, AFC and the FFA for their commitment to creating a brighter future for football in Australia.”

On behalf of the four CRWG Member Federation representatives (New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia), Football Federation Victoria President Kimon Taliadoros said “It gives us tremendous pride to commend the CRWG Report to the Australian football public.  We believe the CRWG Report provides the architecture for a comprehensive and robust governance framework that will faithfully serve the complexity of stakeholders and forge a unity of purpose for Australian football to achieve its aspirations.

We must acknowledge the support of FIFA, the expertise of the Chair Judy Griggs, commitment from the members of the CRWG and contributions from the myriad of stakeholders that participated throughout the process.”


For further information please contact:

Kimon Taliadoros
Representative of CRWG Member Federations