Love The Game Program

Gambling ads are changing the way kids see sport.

TV commercials, in-stadium signage and online promotions for gambling are everywhere. It’s gotten to the point where kids don’t know sport without it.

That’s why we encourage young people take back the game. By understanding the risks of sports gambling, they can enjoy sport for what it really is, and love the game, not the odds.

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As a Love the Game sporting club member, your club is taking a stand against sports betting sponsorship and helping juniors to love the game, not the odds. Signing up only takes two minutes, join now.

Club presidents and committee members can register on behalf of their club. ​

Join or recommit by 31 July 2021 and tell us why your club loves the game, not the odds to enter a sporting pack giveaway. 50 packs are up for grabs! ​ Terms and conditions apply.

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