GO Sevens

Where traditional football meets small-sided football

GO Sevens is a social format of the game, involving seven players on each team on a modified, smaller pitch. It's a terrific way for existing teams in traditional winter competitions to keep their skills up outside of their traditional season, in a format that gives everyone the opportunity to touch the ball more often.

A typical GO Sevens competition runs for seven weeks, but each GO Football Location can also vary the comp length. With a large emphasis on fun and fitness, GO Sevens is a great way for new players to unlock the social benefits that only a team sport can offer. Best of all, it is suitable for people of all ages and skill levels.

GO Football locations offer well organised seven-a-side matches for players and teams ages 10+ and of all levels of experience, played across a half field (approx) with mixed, female, and male divisions.

Visit http://gofootball.com.au to find out more about GO Sevens and the other GO Football programs.