Government Assistance: COVID-19

A number of stimulus & relief packages have been released at all levels of government, to support businesses and community organisations affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In order to assist Clubs in navigating these packages, we have provided a summary of the relevant options to consider. As a Cub or Association, you may be eligible for financial assistance via these packages.

We encourage you to explore all options available for your club. 

Please note, the details within the Government Assistance document are based on available information in a fast moving environment and are subject to the disclaimer on page 20. We will continue to monitor and update this document as new information is released.

Further information on packages available, can be found on the links within this document. We also encourage you to maintain close contact with your allocated Club Ambassador who will work with you as a conduit and key facilitator during these challenging times.

View our COVID-19 FAQ here.