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Developing your Club’s Strategic Plan

A Strategic Plan is a vital document to ensure the Club is working together to achieve a common purpose. Another way to look at this would be the development of a game plan for the Club.

Some Club’s opt to pay a Consultant to drive the process of creating a Plan. This document seeks to provide a simple and easy -to-follow guide for Clubs to develop (or update) a Strategic Plan who wish to drive this process themselves. Should Club’s wish to clarify the process or would like guidance or assistance (free of charge) please contact

There are many ways to develop a Strategic Plan, this document provides just one way as to how this could take place.

Developing your Club's Strategic Plan: Download All Steps

Please Note: To view the full Strategic Plan example, please click the link above. To jump to a specific step, we have attached a breakdown of the plan's different stages with their relevant attachments below. 

Step 1 – Starting the Process

Step 2 – Strategic Plan Meeting Group perception survey

Step 3 – Meeting #1: Setting the scene

Step 4 – Stakeholder Input

Step 5 – Meeting #2: Where are we going?

Step 6 – Small groups: Goals & measures of success, Key Focus Areas

Step 7 – Meeting #3: Confirming/Updating Key Focus Areas

Step 8 – Small groups: Creating the detail, Key Focus Areas

Step 9 – Stakeholder input

Step 10 – Meeting #4: Approval

Step 11 – Rollout and continual review

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