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Holding your AGM Online

Given the current lockdown and the uncertainty surrounding events, your Club or Association may be considering holding its Annual General Meeting Online.

We have prepared a range of resources to assist this transition to the digital space with a series of templates and an AGM Tip sheet.

Prior to the Meeting

How to give notice of meeting correctly

Whether your meeting is online or in person, it is imperative that that all members receive notice of the meeting. Ensure your club completes the following:

  • Send the Notice of Meeting via email based on information collected on your membership form. (Note: Ensure that it is a requirement of membership to have a nominated email address for communications). While Facebook and other social media platforms are an efficient way to communicate with your members, it not recommended as the sole method to notify your members of your AGM. If a member does not have an email address, post a letter containing the Notice of Meeting and list the website link in the documentation.
  • Include information (or a link) to further information on how to use the online platform selected to hold the meeting.
  • Include information on how voting will be completed (For example, use the hand raising function for non-secret ballots. For secret ballots, clubs should consider using an online poll).

The impact of not issuing a defective notice of meeting is that the actions taken and decisions made (including passing a special resolution or electing committee members) at the meeting itself may be void.

Template - AGM Notice of Meeting

Selecting an online platform

Consider the business that must be covered in the meeting and which platform would be appropriate. For example, do you need a platform that will record attendance, and do you need a platform that allows you to do a secret ballot?

Identifying your club’s needs will assist you with selecting a platform that is right for your club. There is a large amount of content online about conducting virtual meetings due to the impacts of COVID, including a tip sheet prepared by the Institute of Community Directors Australia that considers the issue of getting the tech right.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, undertake some desktop research to explore what options have worked for other clubs or community organisations.

Tip sheet - Selecting an Online Platform

Familiarise with your platform 

It is important that the meeting Chair is familiar with the functions of the meeting platform to ensure that the meeting runs as smoothly as possible. Consider conducting a ‘rehearsal’ meeting to test the functionalities before the meeting.

This will allow you to identify any shortcomings of the platform, and to learn how to effectively use it. Conduct practice votes and test any reporting functionalities of your chosen platform.

Invite all attendees that will be speaking at the meeting to the test run to make sure they are familiar with the meeting platform. It is also worth testing the platform on as many different devices as you can, to identify potential issues early.

Meeting Protocols

The following points could be sent to members with the agenda and link to your online AGM:



Template - AGM Minutes

Template - AGM Agenda

Tip Sheet - AGM Online

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