Become a GO Soccer Mums Deliverer

GO Soccer Mums Deliverers bring the program to the community. They facilitate the program at their club or venue, allowing more Victorian women to take part.

GO Soccer Mums Deliverers are ideally female and connected to their club/venue in some capacity.

Deliverers will participate in either a Deliverer’s course or one-on-one training, depending on the launch of the program at your venue. Once approved as a Deliverer by the GO Soccer Mums Project Manager, programs can take place. 

If a club wants to take part but a Deliverer cannot be identified at the club, the GO Soccer Mums Program Manager will assist with appointing a Deliverer to the program.

A great GO Soccer Mums Deliverer will be:

  • Organised and punctual
  • A good communicator, inclusive, flexible, and enthusiastic.
  • Not a “traditional coach”, as the environment that should be created is fun and social, with less focus on skill development and technical play.

Does that sound like you? Register here to become a GO Soccer Mums Deliverer!